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Social media is becoming a crucial aspect of your communication with clients and prospects. If you do not leverage the power of social media to benefit from it, it might turn against you with complaints being read by thousands of other users. Furthermore, according to recent SEO reports, links from social media are among the most important ranking factors.

We will communicate on your behalf over four social media channels and manage crisis situations for you (i.e. unhappy clients). Your brand will be visible and present in social media. After setting up the social media accounts for you or transferring existing ones we implement a social media on a monthly basis

We update the social media channels 4-5 times a week with new content. We follow leaders in the industry and search prospect customers in all social media channels. At the end of the month you will receive a report for each channel with the main key performance indicators like Facebook likes.

We are ALWAYS open to changes. SM is not a one time settled strategy but a dynamic tool that needs to change and adapt during time. We are ALWAYS willing to receive feedback from our clients.

“The ROI of Social Media is that your business will still exist in 5 years” (Erik Qualman) SM is a long race run, not a 100 meters rush; it is a slow constant process. We need to excel in every action on doing it in a daily basis.

FINAL GOAL: Using social media to improve SEO, drive traffic and increase (online & offline) influence.


The social media package is divided in 2 parts:

1) An AUDIT (general check-up of the actual situation)


An AUDIT including:

– Creation / Migration /Customization of existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts

– Creation of standard applications and tabs

– Identification and elimination of duplicate accounts

– Benchmarking with competitors

– Communication strategy and plan

– Training

 Duration: 45 days kigo_logo

Cost  : 600 euros (once)



– Crisis management and intervention

– 3/4 times / week new content

– 1 promotional post of your properties

– Search of prospect customers in all social media channels

– Follow leaders in the industry

– Try to stablish connection with potential partners

– Monthly reports for each channel with main KPIs (main numeric indicators)

Duration: every month, for at least 6 months

Cost  : 350 euros/month

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